Thursday, May 2, 2019

Turn off RetroArch Bezels in RetroPie

Goto to the following locations

  1. RetroPie Main Menu
  2. Configuration Menu
  3. Configure basic libretro emulator options 
  4. Configure default options for all libretro emulators
  5. Overlay Enable (unset)
    • Change to disable

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Edit Config RertroPie

This is the easiest way to edit the RetroPie's config file to change some settings.

  • Open Putty (download it here)
  • Enter the IP address and click connect
  • Type the following commands
    • cd /
    • ls
    • cd /boot
    • sudo nano config.txt
  • Enter the following information at the end of the config file.
    • #Arcade1UP Power Button
    • dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown

  • Once the changes have been made, press Ctrl + X to save and exit. Remember to reboot your Raspberry Pi after making changes.
    • Then Y and Enter
  • Once back out the main terminal screen, type:
    • sudo reboot

SNES Style RetroPie

Here is a parts list for a simple RetroPie build that you can plug into your TV at home, in a hotel, or even camping in the RV.

For more info, check out my RetroPie Page.