Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big Changes coming to Rogers Lane

The City Planning Commission agreed Thursday that a movie theater is a permissible use on a tract in northwest Lawton, a decision that will allow the sale of the city-owned land and construction to begin.
Commissioners were acting on a Use Permitted on Review (UPOR) request from Anthony Properties, a Texas-based firm that has offered $2.5 million for a 29.5-acre tract of land at Northwest 67th Street and Rogers Lane. While the City Council approved that sale of city-owned land in late April, the contract’s terms required rezoning before the sale was final, planning commission members said Thursday.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Media tells people to flee tornadoes okwx

Today I find myself confounded from what I witnessed of the Oklahoma City media coverage of the May 31st storms. And I am not alone - Washington Post & The Lost Ogle.

Throughout the day the media and National Weather Service (NWS) were informing people to stay weather aware and to not plan activities for the evening.  At no time was there any talk of people needing to leave OKC or leave their homes.