Monday, April 1, 2013

Project: Master Bedroom

So we have had issues with the window leaking and the drywall and flooring getting wet as a result of the window.  So once we got the window fixed, we waited for a while to ensure that the window is sealed up nice and good before replacing everything.

We ended up replacing about a half sheet of drywall, all the flooring, and baseboards.

  • Drywall Putty: $11

  • Wall Paint: $90

  • Baseboard Paint: $19

  • Paint Tools: $30

  • Fence for Baseboards: $38

  • Flooring Primer: $20

  • Flooring Tiles: $224

  • Electrical Plugs: $15

  • Plug Covers: $27

  • Light Switches: $37

  • LED Lights: $89

  • Labor: $FREE!!

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